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{Adjunct} is both a toolkit for scaffolding and building NuGet source code packages, and a collection of source code packages created using the toolkit to supliment commonly requested missing features of the .NET framework.

The toolkit consists of two NuGet packages
  • A simple application that will create the scaffolding for an Adjunct extension.
  • A set of targets, MSBuild tasks, and utilities to compile, test, update, and build extensions.
  • Building pulls down missing packages
  • The build tools support both Explicit, and Convention based building of NuGet packages at project build time.
  • Conventions for Nuspecs include
    • Updating Framework References,
    • Updating NuGet Dependencies,
    • Updating Package Contents based on project contents explicitly marked 'Include', or beneath the content, lib, or tools folders.
    • Keeps test and source project versions in sync.
    • Will support updating release notes by the 0.9.0 release.
  • The build tools currently package a pre-release of NuGet 1.6 and will be updated when 1.6 goes final.

Getting started with the toolkit:
  • Run the following nuget commands to pull down the toolkit replacing [] with the appropriate path.:
    • nuget install Adjunct.Generator -o []
    • nuget install Adjunct.Build -o []
    • nuget install xunit -o []
  • Navigate to []\Adjunct.Generator.[Version]\tools
  • Run the AdjunctGenerator.exe, filling in the appropriate values for the fields and press create.
  • Open the generated solution, and add your sources and tests

Visual Studio is not required to scaffold or build extensions with the toolkit.
The Adjunct.Build tools can be used to extend your current build process.

A listing of existing source extensions will be listed here after the completion of a few more updates and SemVer version compliance.

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